Durand Associate Genealogists:Your genealogists in Carpentras

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DURAND genealogists Associés is located in Carpentras in the Vaucluse region and operates in France and abroad.

The genealogist is usually mandated by a notary when he is unable to establish with certainty an inheritance devolution.
The act of death is our starting point. We carry out customary research in places as varied as town halls, district courts, departmental archives, municipal archives, even cemeteries to find distant cousins, up to the 6th degree.

The research is carried out all over the national territory but also abroad to give to the notary a precise devolution of the succession with regard to the identity, the number and the hereditary quality of the interveners.

The genealogist also intervenes at the request of legal agents, lawyers, insurers, administrators of property, trustees of co-ownership

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